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What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, natural looking synthetic eyelashes applied one by one to each individual natural lash.  Eyelash extensions will add thickness, length and darken the lash line eliminating the use of mascara.


How long will my lashes last?

Eyelash extensions will last indefinitely with regular touchups.  How well you maintain your lashes, and how natural or dramatic your new look is will determine the length of time between touchups.  Touchups are recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain a full look.


How long will the procedure take?

For a brand new full set of eyelash extensions your appointment will take approximately 2-3 hours depending on the amount of natural eyelashes you have.  For touchups your appointment will last approximately 1 hour.


What should I do before my appointment?

Please arrive to your appointment with no mascara on your eyelashes.  If you wear contact lenses please bring your contact lens case as you will need to remove your lenses for your appointment.


I do not like my eyelash extensions but had them applied somewhere else.

Unfortunately eyelash extensions are being applied by unlicensed individuals that have not been trained correctly.  I will gladly remove your lash extensions that have been applied elsewhere without applying new lashes; however there will be a charge for the removal.


I had my eyelash extensions done somewhere else and need a touchup. Will you do my touch up?

No. I prefer not to mix my work with anyone else’s work. I advise that you come in before your appointment to have the lash extensions removed before applying a new set or to let them fall off naturally.



  • Do comb your lashes daily with a clean mascara wand. This is best done right after getting out of the shower as the lashes are soft.

  • Do wash your lashes 3-4 times a week with an oil free makeup remover or face wash. (Neutrogena oil free makeup wipes or a solution of 1:1 baby shampoo and water work well)


Do Not’s

  • Do not worry when you lose an extension.  Lash extensions will fall out with your natural lash during its growth cycle. Losing 2-4 a day is normal.

  • Do not use products on or near your eyes that contain oils. This includes eyeliner and mascara. Look for water based products.

  • Do not rub your eyes, use waterproof mascara, oily makeup remover or glycol cleansers.

  • Do not curl your lashes with a manual eyelash curler, as this can break your lashes


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